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Dispatches From The Road and Reports of Actions

In his numerous peregrinations, Peter sends us dispatches from distant bioregions, our eyes and ears, a sort-of latter-day combination of Darwin (as chronicler of minute botanical/zoological detail) and Bakunin (as pollinator of the Reinhabitory Movement). 

The index of Ecuador Dispatches has now moved into the Eco Ecuador Works page.

August 2001: Reports from the Planet Drum Bioregional Asia Tour by Peter Berg.

Autumn 2004: Japan Dispatches, 2004

Summer 2005: Japan Dispatches, 2005

October 2005:  Report from Planet Drum Foundation's Northeast (USA) Tour, Hudson Loan by Peter Berg
During October, 2005, Peter Berg and Judy Goldhaft traveled in the Northeast giving talks, workshops and performances at Universities and for community groups. After they returned Peter wrote Hudson Loan as a Report from this trip.