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This year both Field Reports &  Education Reports have so many pictures, they were broken up  for faster loading. 


Education Reports


Eco-Ecuador Works

2007 Reports and Dispatches

Please see our Announcement Seeking Volunteers for the Eco-Ecuador Project.

Also we have brief bios of Current (10/24/07) and Previous (5/28/07) Volunteers in Eco-Ecuador


1. Dispatches from Peter Berg 

Peter made  trips to Bahia in March and September in 2007.In March he writes about the land that Planet Drum has purchased for a Bioregional Institute and setting up a meeting with the Amigos de la Eco-ciudad, a coalition of individuals and groups who are interested in the eco part of the eco-city. In September, two letters by Judy Goldhaft describe the happenings in Bahia, including a visit by the new  president of Ecuador. 

2. Reports from Project Manager, Clay Plager-Unger:

In January, 2007 Clay Plager-Unger took over as Field Project Manager. His enthusiasm and dedication to community development will add a significant dimension to our work in Bahia over the next year. Lise Tjorring wrote Reports #19 and #20 while Clay was out of town visiting his family. 

1) Jan 8 - May 25, 2007 (Reports #1-17)
2) May 28-June 29,2007 (Reports #18-22)
3) July 9-July 27, 2007 (Reports #23-25)
4) July 30-August 31, 2007 (Reports #26-29)
5) September 23-28, 2007 (Reports #30-33)
6) October 1-19, 2007 (Reports #34-36)
7) October 22-November 9,2007 (Reports 37-39)
8) November 11-23  ,2007 (Reports 40-41)
9) November 30-December 14, 2007 (Reports 42-44 )

3. Reports from Bioregional Education Teacher, Ramon Cedeno Loor:

Ramon Cedeno Loor replaced Valentina Caminati, who returned to Italy, as  Bioregional Education Manager in late 2006 and completed the 2006 Introductory classes in early 2007.  Ramon lives in the Maria Auxiliadora neighborhood of Bahia and is a teacher. He had been volunteering with Planet Drum's Bioregional Education Classes for several months before becoming the manager.   In May of 2007 Ramon began a new series of Introductory classes, and in October he initiated an Advanced class.  (The school year in Ecuador runs from May/June until September, and then again from October until January. From late January to late May there are no classes.)

        Education Reports
        1) Jan 10-26, and May 30-July 20, 2007 (Report #1)
        2) July 25-September 20, 2007 (Report #2)
        3) October 3-12, 2007 (Report #3)
        4) October 17-26, 2007 (Report #4)
        5) November 7-16, 2007 (Report #5)
        6) November 21-31, 2007 (Report #6)


Other Years

2011 Reports (Clay Plager-Unger, Ramon Cedeno Loor, Nadine Flexhaug,& Margarita Avila)
2010 Reports (Clay Plager-Unger, Ramon Cedeno Loor, Nadine Flexhaug,& Margarita Avila)   
2009 Reports
(Clay Plager-Unger, Ramon Cedeno Loor, Paola Divita & Fabiola Coella)
2008 Reports (Clay Plager-Unger, Ramon Cedeno Loor
2006 Reports
(Dan Robbins, Patrick Wylie, Valentina Carminati, Sarah Couture, Heather Crawford) 
2005 Reports (Heather Crawford, Renée Portanova, Kristen Lansdale, Riccardo Clemente, et al.) 
2004 Reports
(Renée Portanova, Brian Teinert, Elise Braaten) 
2003 Reports
(Brian Teinert) 
2002 Reports
(Simon Winch, Sara Gomez and Matt, Chris Haaf, Kristen Ford, Jeff Godden, and Lisa Kundrat) 
2001 Reports
( Amy Jewel) 
2000 Reports
(Carey Knecht, Claire Dibble) 
1999 Reports (Peter Berg, Patricio Tamariz) 

Announcement: Seeking Volunteers

Planet Drum Foundation is seeking volunteers for its Ecological City projects in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador during periods from a month to six months. 

Work with our unique revegetation planting and maintaining native plants to reduce erosion and create habitats for birds and other animals. Join neighborhood efforts to learn and use ecological practices. Help in renewable energy development. Assist bioregional environmental education groups for children and adults.

A background in environmental education and activities, Spanish language speaking ability, and cooperative living experience are desirable. However, willing hands and a desire to help restore our damaged biosphere are most important.

(Click Projects tab at the top of this page and then choose Eco-Ecuador for  background information, or read the up-to-date Reports listed above.)

Benefits include free accommodation in a large shared apartment, extraordinary beach and wilderness recreational activities, and opportunities to improve Spanish skills as well as experience tropical Ecuadorian culture.

Please send a description of your qualifications and interests to Clay Plager-Unger, Field Projects Manager, planetdrumecuador@yahoo.com.


Current Planet Drum Volunteers in Eco-Ecuador

As of October 24, 2007

The Planet Drum family relaxing while on an excursion in San Clemente to the Piñon del Sol nature preserve, a piece of protected dry tropical forest, with examples of ten year old reforestation efforts and areas of primary forest. 

[Click on photo for larger version]

From front to back:
Clay – El Jefe. Los Estados Unidos, ten months in Bahia and counting…

Darline – Belgium, four month stay. Darline studied forestry and nature management and is interested in dry tropical ecosystems, native tree species and reforestation techniques. She is very happy to be working out in the field instead of an office.

Lauren – Philadelphia, one month stay. Lauren has a degree in Environmental Science and wanted to do some volunteering during her travels around Ecuador. She likes spending time with the saplings in the greenhouse and getting friendly with the compost heaps.

Michaela – Team Germany, two month stay. Michaela has a Masters degree in Politics and was the editor of an internet news site focused on the energy mixes of the future. She has since become very interested in ecological practices and decided to come get her hands dirty in South America.

Barbie – Philadelphia, one month stay. Barbie is studying Sociology and Global Justice. She is volunteering her way around Ecuador until the end of the year and chose Planet Drum because it's economical and she is drawn to the vision of urban ecological restoration. She also likes the communal living aspect. In her free time Barbie is teaching English at one of the local schools.

Dan – Boston, two week visit. Dan is Clay's college friend and needed to get away from a 9 to 5 computer programming routine. He thoroughly enjoyed getting away from his office desk and out into the campo of Ecuador.

Cori – The United States, five week stay. Cori has a background in biology and has been traveling around Central and South America for the past few months. She was thinking about doing some volunteering when she found out about Planet Drum from a previous volunteer while in Colombia and decided to come to Ecuador.

Aaron – Not pictured. The U.S., two month stay. Aaron recently arrived to Bahia and is interested in doing some ecological volunteering. He plans on helping out with the Bioregional Education classes and is eager to dive into the other work as well. He's looking forward to getting into good shape with all of the physical labor we're doing these days and by surfing in his free time.

As of May 28, 2007

[Click on photo for larger version]

Rox From Scotland, staying 3 months. Studied countryside management in Scotland and has a year worth of prior experience volunteering for the National Trust and National Park, where she helped with practical conservation and environmental education.

Lise From Denmark, staying 3 months. Has a degree in cultural anthropology and studied environmental anthropology, including a thesis on the Huaorani people and oil companies and differing perceptions of the environment. She particularly enjoys our communal living space and working on her Spanish.

Andrew From Ireland, staying 7 weeks. An electrician, traveling Ecuador, stopped by to do some environmental volunteering.

Jim From England, staying 6 weeks. Studied social anthropology and is helpful preparing learning materials for kids, as well as strong for carrying heavy loads in the field. He has volunteer experience with the National Trust, worked for a tree surgeon, and was a professional cook.

Judith From Scotland, staying 5 weeks. An English teacher from Quito for over a year, is taking a vacation from the books to get her hands dirty in the greenhouse.

Kirk and Crista A couple from Canada, staying 3 months. Kirk is volunteering to fulfill the practice portion of his masters program for a degree in Environmental Planning. He has an education background in Urban planning. Crista has lots of prior traveling experience to Italy, New York and Paris.

Tomaz and Mariana A couple from Portugal, staying 1 week. Tomaz has been crucial for translating bioregional educational information into Spanish for our Bioregional classes. Mariana studied law and was integral in helping prepare a presentation to take on the cell phone giants of Ecuador (Alegro, Porta and Movistar) to prevent further construction of cell phone towers within the urban center of Bahia.

Click on map for larger version.
The Ecuadorian coastal city of Bahia de Caraquez has committed itself through law to become ecological and sustainable. Planet Drum Foundation in San Francisco, California helped create community awareness of issues there at a celebration announcing the Ecological City Declaration in January 1999.
Since then, Planet Drum has established a field office and carried out a major bioregional project to revegetate a city barrio with native trees for erosion control against future mudslides and to create an urban "wild corridor." We are currently working on additional revegetation of hillsides, water supply and purity, household ecology education, biological sewage treatment, alternative energy, and others.
You are invited to assist or visit these projects. If you are interested in doing so, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can fit you into our schedule. Click here for more information about volunteering.