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Guestbook entries below (most recent at top):

Name: Jane Hunter

Date: 11 Jun 2003


I have heard about your projects in Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador from my daughter, Elise Hunter, who will soon be traveling there to work on the eco-city projects. I have thoroughly enjoyed looking at the website and am really grateful for your dedication to this bioregion and the valuable opportunity Elise will have to participate in this multi-faceted program.

Name: Betti Sachs, President of GreenEcuador
Email: betti@uio.telconet.net
Date: 12 Mar 2003


We will be book-marking your website here at EcuadorVerde Ecological
Tourism network, and look forward to learning much more about your work,
and visiting your projects too. Your site is excellent, by the way.


Name: Bruce Oliver
Email: bywndr37802
Date: 23 Feb 2003


Hello I came to this site because I'm 22 but when iwas 15 or 16 I traveled
Mexico for a year. One part of that trip was a 3 month stretch where I
went from Lazarocardenas(excuse the spelling). To Accolpulco all the way
to Puerta Vallarta. On the way I stayed in Maruata for about three weeks.
I had a hammock under one of the palappas. To have that I had to buy one
meal a day from the woman there. 7 or 8 pesos. 12 to dollar then. Had the
best time of my life. Some friends came down from Patzcuaro where I mainly
lived. We swam a lot, ate a lot, drank a lot of cerveza. But the best was
that we were there when the algae came in . I think it was algae. It was
the flourescent green stuff in the water. It was the best thing i ever
saw. It lit the water and the beaches up for i think three days. We played
in it all night long. I remember the three parts of the beach. One for
fishing first. One for swimming next. And the last for , well the waves.
Thats it! They were huge i think it was a cove they said. It had some kind of under current and people said
that many people had died there. I almost did to. The current washed the
sand out from under me and I almost got taken out. My friends saw it
happen and they said the look on my face was like I was going to die. Well
i want to go back some day with my wife who wasnt with me then. It was and
is the best place I've ever been. And Ive been to arizona, california,
baja california, all over mexico, amsterdam, paris, barcelona,vienna,
prague,and hungary. Well I hope to here back from someone on this site.



Name: Jobs, Stefen
Date: 1/25/2003


I happened upon this site while following the links from another site. Thank your for the hard work you must have put in to create this wonderful facility. Keep up the excellent work. Stefen Jobs

Name: christian
Email: boojaka@gmx.de
Date: 19 Feb 2003


I found your great Homepage !!! Go On ! greetings from Berlin

Name: aquarium
Email: aquadesign@wanadoo.fr
Date: 13 Feb 2003


Nice Website! Good Informations, clear design! Good work Greetings

Name: Dienstunfähigkeit
Email: xp@pleasse.xp
Date: 1/19/2003


"There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written." Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900) Greetings, John f. Dienstunfähigkeit

Name: Rana Falak Sher
Email: sher54@hotmail.com
Date: 1/14/2003


I am from Pakistan visited this site. Nice Work keep it up.Greetings from Pakistan.