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Bioregional Olympics:

Roots of Action

In 1998, the Director of Planet Drum Foundation and another member of the Bioregional Association of the Northern Americas trekked to Nagano, Japan and spent several exciting weeks working with the Guard Fox Watch, a bioregional action group whose aim was to raise consciousness around the issue of the Olympics' effect on the watersheds and environment where the Games took place.

In an article at the time, Renate Suzuki reported on Guard Fox Watch's unique perspective on The Olympics, "With a bioregional approach to planning the Games, the organizers could have, for instance, developed solar, wind, and hot spring steam power sources to generate the required extra electricity, thus building sustainable facilities which would remain to benefit the region."

Now, as we approach the next 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah, those actions of 1998 resonate even louder today. More groups are starting to come together to plan for actions leading up to the next Games. This time we want the World to know that the environment can have a voice too.

This web site will be a central switchboard to report on the groups, activities and plans leading up to the 2002 Winter Olympics.