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Raise The Stakes #30

Anthology II: Eco-Realism About Water, Food, Cities

Celebrate the final RTS Issue after 30 Issues in print!! A glorious union of past and present articles spanning 20 years of eco-action. 

Authors include:

Kat Anderson * Peter Bane * Peter Berg * Morris Berman * Marc Bonfils * Murray Bookchin * Ernest Callenbach * Marti Crouch * Jim Dodge * David Morris * Gary Snyder * John Trudell * Donald Worster

Also book and movie reviews, andů.

Planet Drum Pulse * Green City Report * BANA Update * And much more!!

Please send RTS#30 to:

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Make checks payable to Planet Drum. Foreign checks must include microencoding number or Planet Drum is charged $10-15 for cashing the check. US funds are necessary.

Please print and return this form to:

Planet Drum Foundation
P. O. Box 31251
San Francisco, CA 94131
Shasta Bioregion, USA